Recession Menu – Part 2 How the Changing Economy Will Affect Your Food Shopping Habits

Business journalists are reporting that Generation X and Y, the 25-35+ age group will be the consumers most challenged by an economic slowdown. It will be a test of monumental proportions for them; they have never had to economize. It takes skill and practice to know the particulars of dynamic cost-saving shopping. Whether for food or clothing making wise purchases in a turbulent economy requires planning. 먹튀검증

High Fuel/Food Cost, added to Job/ Financial Loss and possible Recession Economy Demand Attentive Grocery Shopping.

” An empty belly is the best cook.” An Estonian Proverb. However if you want to be successful food shopper, follow rule Number One.

What’s the A#1 Rule?

Never Go Food Shopping Hungry, especially not a Humongous Supermarket

It’s obvious and well-known but when pressed for time it’s tempting to think you can manage it. No you can’t. Even the pet food aisle can appeal to your empty stomach if you’re hungry.

Never go grocery shopping without a list.

Not only have a list but also don’t put anything in your cart that is not on the list.

Buy Bulk

But when you do, make sure it is something you’ll use. A bargain is only a savings if it’s a product you’ll use. For example, suppose you find a great bargain in bulk purchase on pecans or almonds, be sure to freeze the excess as the nut oil might become rancid, you’ll have to throw them out. No bargain.

Remember, Bulk Means ” Mass, Volume.

Experts who monitor consumers’ food consumption patterns have reported consumers are eating more carbohydrates and bulking upon starches in the current economic condition in order to stretch their dollars. Watch your consumption of “girth-building” foods.

Don’t drive across town to save a few dollars.

For now, those days are over unless there are several markets in close proximity! With the Cost of Fuel, what you might save at checkout you’ll lose in the gas tank.

Begin memorizing the price of staples.

Regular food commodities make up the greater part of you menu. You can really price-compare in the grocery store if you remember what you paid on the last trip.

Create New Taste Sensations With Less Expensive Cuts of Meat

A Pressure Cooker will be a steady companion when choosing less tender cuts however, the saving will balance your food budget nicely.

Barbequed Lamb Shanks, Short Ribs, Smoked Brisket are the currently the rage. Work that Grill!!

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