Naked Honesty – Being Your Real Self Or Not

When I was a young adult starting out in life I was afraid of many things.

  • Would I be able to earn my daily bread, which means, get a job and have money enough to rent a place to live and to buy food to eat?
  • Then I wanted friends. Would I have interesting people to be with and discuss life’s daily problems with?
  • I was not yet good at dating and sexual relationships, another hardship on me.
  • Sometimes I did not want to get out of bed in the morning because of the things I had to succeed at.

Naked Honesty means that you reveal yourself as you are.

Naked Honesty means that you are just what you are and you live by that.

What is the alternative to Naked Honesty?


The alternative is that you live by fear, by being afraid of what is happening to you and could happen to you.

You live from fear and this damages you.

Here is a great key to life. Live from fear as your primary motivation and what you are afraid of will mostly happen to you.

No matter how hurt and damaged you feel you have been in life to live from fear damages you even more.

Why? Because it contracts you, makes you hesitate in the face of opportunity, makes you weak with the fear that you won’t succeed in getting what you want.

Naked honesty means that instead of playing at who you are not you live fully who you are.

If you are rich use that money well to give you a fair advantage in life, while spending also your resources in a substantial way to help others.

The rich live in fear of losing their money. I have found the rich I have known really afraid to lose money, and therefore super stingy with what they have.

Only one millionaire, Hy Sobiloff, was generous with his money, taking us to great restaurants when we visited with him, and giving money for college. He was not afraid of life. In fact he bought failing companies and took risks in making them successful.

But the others, the ones who could have been generous and helped others? Their greed made them earn more and more money like Bill Gates so greedy that he charges high prices for his software when he is already the richest man in the world. Then he makes gestures of giving some of his billions away to AIDS research while not lowering his prices.

What is the fear there?

Naked honesty is not in evidence.

The poor have their fears as well. Where is next month’s rent coming from? How will we survive? How will we do better than we are?

Fear contracts us if we let it.

Instead of fear do everything possible to be your real self in life.

I had to and it worked for me.

Instead of being in a relationship that was draining my energy, but playing the good guy, I realized that I was afraid of losing the relationship, or not finding another one at least as good.

I gave up this fear of losing a relationship, of being rejected, and instead asserted my real presence, love and needs in my relating.

It went far better for me. Instead of being rejected people wanted to relate to me even if I was the one saying No to the relationship.

Maybe I had become interesting at last?

Certainly with my confidence in myself I was confident about life also.

My naked honesty made me real. I knew who I was and what I could do. I did not try to be other than I was. I did not try to please the person or persons I was relating to. I was simply myself, take it or leave it.

I applied the same tactic in work situations.


Instead of being afraid that I would be fired I worked effectively. I produced results and let my employer know what I was accomplishing for her. I stood my ground in doing what was best for the job I was assigned. I did not just follow the boss’s orders because he or she was not on the scene like I was. This led to heavy discussion sometimes, but I was the expert in my own territory and let those above me know what I was doing and what the results were.

Since I was nakedly honest I had to produce real results of value. I had to solve problems, create value and income. I was not bull-shitting anyone. I had to be real and real meant being successful at what I do.

Naked honesty means that you do what you need to do to succeed, and if you are not succeeding you go somewhere else where your talent, experience and confidence tells you you can succeed.

If they fire you let them fire you because you did a good job, not because you played a game of always agreeing and making yourself look good with false reports and images to cover your ass.

Look good when you are good. When you fail also reveal that as part of your involvement in life.

If you don’t reveal your weaknesses and failures how then can you improve them?

I learned to ask for help. I need help, I would say. I cannot do this alone. How important to you is it?

The boss still directs the organization but you, the worker, carry out the tasks to the best of your ability.

Of course I was fired, and even hired back again. But I gave the best goods I had when in service to someone else.

Eventually, of course, I learned that the best road in life was not to work for others after your apprenticeship has been served but to work for yourself.

In business you succeed or fail based on your reality function, your naked honesty to see things as they are.

If you see yourself as you nakedly are then you will see the reality around you as it really is as well.

You will be nakedly honest in appraising others and the situations you find yourself in.

You will no longer live from fear as a motivation but from positive attitude.

You will indeed have a better life because you will go towards opportunity and not shrink away from it.